Mischa Rick van Geelen
Mischa Rick van Geelen
Hacker, Speaker & Entrepreneur
We just keep connecting unsafe devices to the internet, and we hope it will be okay but it won’t. Let’s make sure it will together
— Mischa - Nieuwe Revu (2017)
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From the age of 9, I was interested in discovering vulnerabilities in software and websites and helping organizations to get their IT-security to a new level. With constantly innovating techniques and gaining a lot of knowledge I was able to hack several Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft.

By creating awareness within big organizations I was able to gain a lot of media attention. I was also selected among the 500 most talented young people in the Netherlands by The Next Web.


When in need of a specialist in the field of IT-security, consider contacting me. I am able to assist you in almost all of the aspects of IT-security and privacy information. Thanks for your time.

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